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food for thought

Shakespeare can help doctors get better!

An interesting article and audio clip - not just for doctors!

it's never too late

‎"It's never too late to become what you might have been."
George Eliot.

unexpressed emotion can seriously affect your health

Sorrow which
finds no vent in tears,
may make other organs weep.
Sir Henry Maudsley (c.1907)

More about Personality Types

The four personality types described by Gerda Boyesen are Rock, Warrior, Sunshine and Princess on the Pea (from the Hans Christian Anderson tale).  Personality types don't define who you are, but they describe how you typically respond to stressful situations.  See if you recognise your own coping patterns here somewhere.
Rock is solid, dependable, always there, immoveable, hard, cold, unresponsive, unfeeling.
Warrior is aggressive, always up for a challenge, quick to take sides, has a keen sense of injustice, doesn't know when to stop fighting, can't afford to indulge in tender feelings.

Personality Types

Gerda Boyesen was a Norwegian psychologist and physiotherapist who developed Biodynamic Therapy as a way of dealing with stresses which affect both the mind and the body.  She identified 4 personality types as a way of understanding how our habitual responses to stress can lead us to emphasise certain aspects of our experience and ignore others, which leaves us missing out on some of what life has to offer.
I'll be writing about these types, which all have positive and negative qualities, so you can get an idea of your typical coping pattern.
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