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More about Personality Types

The four personality types described by Gerda Boyesen are Rock, Warrior, Sunshine and Princess on the Pea (from the Hans Christian Anderson tale).  Personality types don't define who you are, but they describe how you typically respond to stressful situations.  See if you recognise your own coping patterns here somewhere.
Rock is solid, dependable, always there, immoveable, hard, cold, unresponsive, unfeeling.
Warrior is aggressive, always up for a challenge, quick to take sides, has a keen sense of injustice, doesn't know when to stop fighting, can't afford to indulge in tender feelings.
Sunshine is warm, pleasant, polite, unruffled, always says "I'm fine", can't acknowledge negative feelings and prefers to ignore unpleasant situations.
Princess (or Prince) on the Pea is impressionable, sensitive, discriminating, vulnerable, easily disturbed, aware of subtleties often missed by others.
If you regularly adopt just one of these ways of coping, you become less than a whole person - unable to participate in the full range of life's experiences.
Biodynamic Therapy offers support as you begin to explore the no-go areas in your life... ...because life is worth living well.
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