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exam stress

It's natural to feel a certain amount of stress when you are facing important exams, and this can actually help you succeed by motivating you to work hard.
However, if the level of stress is too high for too long it can have adverse effects, eg:
- poor quality sleep and overtiredness
- altered eating/drinking patterns leading to disturbed digestion and dehydration
- aches and pains from tense muscles
- inability to concentrate
Biodynamic Massage can help to reverse these effects,
leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and ready to do your best.
During June I'm offering students a 1 hour session of Biodynamic Massage for just £10...
...because life is worth living well
NB If you are under 18 I will need permission from a parent/guardian before treating you.
Contact me via my website to book your session.
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