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Biodynamic Therapy - ...because life is worth living well
Hilary Price, AHBMT, CNHC registered, Biodynamic Therapist practising in Marlborough and SwindonWelcome!
I'm Hilary Price and I am passionate about Biodynamic Therapy because of the difference it has made to my own physical and mental health - and the transformation I see in my clients.
If you are affected by stress, trauma, or chronic illness you may be finding life difficult or painful - even with the best medical treatment available.
I'd like to offer you the chance to...
...take a compassionate look at your life
...gently uncover and resolve the causes of your distress
...rediscover your natural vitality and wellbeing
                                                                    ...because life is worth living well
Look around my website to discover how Biodynamic Therapy might benefit you.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.

I have private clinics in Basingstoke and Kingston-upon-Thames.

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LOW COST SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE for Adult Survivors of abuse at 
Aurora Foundation for people abused in childhood, London SW15, 


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